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Ok fellas lookin for some insight here.

My 99 trooper died yesterday on me. I was driving on the highway and felt the transmission shift into neutral. I looked to the dash and saw the check trans light lit and TOD check light lit. I pushed on the gas to see if it would re-engage and the tach just rev'd some but the tranny was still in "neutral" As I tried to coast her to a safe spot on the curb the engine died. I found the C-8 engine fuse in the driver compartment (15a) blown. I replaced and she started right up and went into gear and drove fine. Two minutes later the engine died again. I again found the engine fuse blown. Anyone know whats probably wrong and how easy or expensive the fix may be. Lookin to tow to dealer tomorrow if no one has a guess. Also, i loaned a code reader from autozone and when i hooked it up it "failed" to communicate until I replaced the fuse. With new fuse the code reader said all was fine with no codes present.

THanks for any help or insight in advance.
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