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why does a wonderful truck like the roldeo have a piece of trash plastic bumper? Since mine broke off, i have thought regularly about this. Up here in canada we have what is called winter which brings ice and snow and plowing thorugh the deep stuff is an accident waiting to heppen.

can i get or has anyone had a METAL bumper made for their rodeo?

i would adore some info as i know i will continue to off road - but can't take another evening like the one when the wife found out i (intentionally to her) did some damage to the truck. "you're not a city yuppie who can pay for this!!! this is your only vehicle..." bah. keeping a rodeo on the pavement is like keeping a canadian tied to a tree outside a pub. it's just plain mean.

but what about the bumper...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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