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Best O2 Sensors

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I have read many posts regarding O2 Sensors and am now polling the forum community as a whole to get a better answer to these questions:

Which are the better O2 sensors?
Who has had a good experience with which sensors?
Has anyone used the universal type 15732s?

I have had mixed results after replacing my old ones with the Bosch 15703. Better gas mileage but constant P1393 code. (Yes, even after 41 start cycles and then clearing the codes...both with a code reader and by the fuse method.)

Honestly, this G-sensor performance code (P1393) is a pain in the butt.

1996 3.2L SOHC w/ 103K miles
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local garage did the work. They started with a universal sensor. It didn't even make a difference. I was having serious acceleration problems at high speed once the engine warmed up. It took me a while to narrow it down to the O2 sensor. The factory replacement did the trick. New to the planet, any info about a code reader for an early 1995 Passport.
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