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Can anyone verify the test procedure for the Back Pressure Transducer on the '92-'97 DOHC 3.2 engine? Chilton's test is:

1. Connect vac gauge to VSV port and plug EGR port
2. Apply air into the S (bottom) port and vacuum should be seen on gauge

I'm not seeing any vacuum when I do this test, but Chilton isn't always accurate, want to be sure before I condemn the part.

Thanks for any input.

UPDATE for any future searchers: The test should be per the service manual "connect vac PUMP (not guage) to the VSV port..." and then you should be able to APPLY vacuum with the pump when blowing air into the bottom port. So the Chilton's is incorrect.

Also, another test is to rev the car to 2k rpm with the hoses connected (except for the EGR port), put vac gauge on EGR port of the transducer, and you should see at least 10hg in vacuum.
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