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Hello all,
I've already made a couple of posts in the forums but I thought I'd post an official hello here.
I was the proud owner for 11 years of an '89 Amigo XS 4WD that I drove for almost 200k miles and had countless misadventures in before I just couldn't afford to keep her maintained anymore. Now, 10 years later, with a steady career and a mild mid-life crisis, I got the bug again and decided to get back into the 'zoo game. I recently found a '99 Amigo 4X2 in (what seems to be) great shape & brought her home with me over the weekend. My friends say that I can't go back to my youth, but at least I can look like I'm headed there while driving this baby!
Anyway, found the forums the other day and they've been a GREAT source of info and the folks here have really been super nice & helpful. Look forward to reading & interacting more in the future. See you all on the boards (or possibly, on the road!) 8)
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