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Hey y'all! Been reading the posts on the 'planet again after a long hiatus away from Isuzu, so thought I would introduce myself, since I'm sure I'll be making a nuisance of myself in short order trying to figure stuff out...

My first Trooper was a '95 that had a little over 330,000 miles when I finally traded her in. She never left me stranded and was giving it her all until the very end. I almost feel as if I betrayed her by abandoning her to new owners...

I have just purchased my second Trooper- a 1998 S model. Got it for just $1,000 after negotiating the owner down from $2,000... but needs some work. I'm replacing water pump, timing belt (idler and tensioner), pcv valve, plugs, filters and fluids this weekend. I think it may need a motor or tranny mount as well, All in all it runs pretty well, but I seem to remember my 95 having more power, even though it had fewer horses. We'll see if the plugs and pcv make a difference. If not, I'll be back here tryin' to figure it out.

Anyway, it's good to back on the planet!
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