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My 01 does not have an ant(mine's in the rear side windows) but most of the time, it's all similar. Normally if it's a fixed ant., you just unscrew the mast from the base and uncrewing it from the base. If you want to remove the base, most of the times you just unscrew the top and this loosens it up from the fender.

Does your's have a power ant? If so, are you replacing a bent mast? Cause there are ways to just replace the bent mast but keeping the base. I've replaced many of them and it's alot cheaper than replacing the whole unit. Most of the time, you need to remove the top base, then turn on the radio to bring the mast up and when it's almost all the way up, you pull slightly and the plastic track will pull out of the ant. whole. Just remember which way the teeth are facing when coming out. When you want to put the new mast in, push the plastic track back in the hole(with the teeth facing the same way it came out), and turn the radio off to start the down path. Then put the base cap back on and your all set.

I did this for a Mitsu car twice and from the dealer, the Mast was about 25bucks. the whole thing with a motor was well over 180bucks so it was a big difference in price. When I was talking to the dealer, he says he sells alot of mast cause some people think their ant. motor died but what really is happening is that the mast is binding cause the motor to think it's all the way up and stop. So if you think your motor is dead, maybe try just the mast first.

Good Luck,
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