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Another Mileage Issue, Gas Could jump .24 cents!

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Wow...So I just went to the gas station....$1.91 a gallon for 87...

Last week I got 11.3 miles per gallon...I figured I would give it another week...

So this week I went 174.8 miles on 15.238 gallons of gas....FREAKIN YUCK!

Then to make matters worse, I find this article suggesting that gas will increase 24 cents... ... usat_x.htm

Oh, and my car is a 99 Trooper limited with 78,000 miles...

Seriously, what the heck should I do?
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yeah my mileage is in the ****ter too, i get around 14-15 mpg on my 97 rodeo 3.2 it also has 79000 miles on it. i get close to 300miles on a 22gallon tank.
I have a '95 Rodeo - 3.2 liter - automatic.

On the highway driving 65mpg, I get 20mpg. I have seen it as high as 24. 21.5 is not unusual on the highway in my case using 87 octane, but 20 is more the norm.

I do not use synthetic oil or any other snake oil product.

My 2 cents.
we are talking 250 miles per tank....

I work 5 miles away and I am spending $30/week in freaking gas...I drive like and old lady and never act like a race car driver...

what could 11.5 miles per gallon?
never got round to working it out, but get on average from a full tank of gas, 300miles in a 95.5 Rodeo 3.2L V6 Manual.

To me that sounds pretty good. Obviously get better freeway milage but around town it aint bad.

tb10 have you changed your oil, oil filter, air filter, sparks ?? maybe just the mixture setting.... Is your timing ok ? If you neglect these things they can reduce performance severly.

I am contemplating changing my air box for a cone filter, people have got slightly better milage, and increase in performance.
about the cones- if you do more highway driving, they are great. around town its not better mileage. id say my mpg is 13/21. a very large difference but i love the cone and will never go back to the stock box.
$2.35 in Orange County, California.

What is a cone filter and where do you get one?
Thanks mike ( sams Dad 42) ?
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