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Amigo spare tire mounting...

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Bolts necessary to mount my spare to the tailgate of a 1st gen Amigo!
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let me look, i should have them....
thanks lowzone...I'm afraid that this "thing" as my better half calls it, needs a bunch of little to be made whole again!
I appreciate your help.
BTW, you wouldn't have a tailgate handle cover for it would you?
The guy that gave it to me rigged one from a "z car" part he had layin' around.
Its not going to last much longer!
...and we probably need to conclude some things...let me know.
found ONE, ill throw it in with the other parts when youre ready. i dont need it, its yours. ive seen other people use LONGER wheel studs screwed in from the back and a normal lug nut on the front to hold the rims on too....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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