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amigo hitch w/spare on door no hardware? help..

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ebay arrived have my hitch for my 99 amigo while installing it requires bolts that go up into the frame they were not included with my purchase this trailer hitch came from a salvage yard in colarado. I can not install it because i do not know the tread size for the drivers side bolts.. the passenger side is easy. bolts go sideways. drivers side goes up into pre threaded hole in the uni-body . Im getting ready for the season and wanna pull my bass boat. by Memorial day weekend need help. if anyone knows this answer please chime in. ding ding ding... tow-less in NY.....
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The bolts that came with mine are M12's Some of them go into nuts welded to the frame at the factory and others have to be drilled and installed with a separate nut. The nuts have long tabs (5-6" long) on them because there are places where you can not get to with a wrench.

I got my hitch from U-Haul and its the round tube type. Your square design may be different as far as how its installed, but the bolts should be the same. I suggest that you head to a hardware or auto parts store, explain what your doing and ask them to help you find the right ones. They may have the entire kit at NAPA which would include those tabbed nuts.
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