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So I had run through so many tests and replacements to figure out the problem. By replacing almost everything on the motor (Just cause I had the money at the time), it did nothing BUT help. But as for the bogging problem when I took her out of gear...

Turns out, even after replacing the alternator, twisting the dist., and tuning the idle, still choked and bogged and squealed at higher rpms...

The fix: My serpentine belt was just a LITTLE loose, to the point where when I revved her up quickly, the belt jumped up a bit and for that split milisecond, it was not making contact with the alternator and crank pulley.

She does not bog anymore and runs awesome!! :D

Hopefully this helps people in the future. Double check the tightness of the SERP. BELT. Even a little loose, it will slip.
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