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Am I lifted and never realized it?

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I just don't know enough to tell, but is my Trooper lifted 2-3"? Is there a definitive way to tell? There is 5" between the bottom of the apex of the fender flares to the top of the tires in the rear(265/70/16s). The springs seem to be stock, they are black(or are now) with the white dot of paint on the lower section for orientation. I can't see anything distinguishing about the shocks, just covered in that weathered way that makes me think they're stock too. My Troop just seems "taller" than others, besides the height gained on the 265/70s. I'm not the original owner, and have no history on the vehicle...just wondering, I've put half down on the Calmini 2" lift kit with sway bars(still waiting after 4 months) and would really like to get my deposit back and tell them to..$%^## :)
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Nope those are stock coil spring :D
Well good...kinda. Thanks!
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