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Well i finely got around to totally removing my air con system rad pipes everything and the compressor on my 1994 3.1 trooper with 345764 km on clock
The reason is when i went to have it refilled as it was blowing warm the garage said that the system had gas that could not be used anymore so could not re gas without an up grade so i could not see the point of spending money on something i rarely use so they made sure it was empty . So i fitted 2 belts direct from the crank pulley to the p/steering pump.
Anyway all i had to do was order 2 v belts size 1157mm L by 13mmW by 10mm d these are what i fitted. I removed the adjuster bracket / undo the adjuster bolt and remove, then remove the 2 bolts all 14mm socket size holding the bracket. Then by grinding the bottom quarter off just under the lower captivated nut ( if you try fit the belt first it is easy to see what has to be ground off ) fit it all back together and all it cost me was 2 belts and a bit of time .
I did run with just the one belt fitted from the crank pulley to the p/steering pump and it worked perfect but i have now fitted the 2 belts all that needed was to adjust the belts lock the 2 bolts off remove the adjuster bolt fit a nut on it refit till it dose not touch the belts the use the nut to lock the adjuster in position.
Now weather this was a good thing to do or not who knows but if and when i have to change my alternator or turbo it should be easier
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