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Advice on buying 2nd gen amigo

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I am going to look at an amigo on friday that has no engine in it. The price is right, but I dont want to put an engine in this thing and then find out it needs a transmission, t-case, or drive shaft or something like that. Are there any ways to check these things without an engine? OR any pitfalls to look for or tips you guys know? Any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance!
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You could ask if there was an maintainance docs available of crack open the tranny fill plug and let a little run out to see if it pink or dark...
If it had a 2.2l 4 cylinder in it, stay away. Those motors are way underpowered for an amigo. I had a 2002 rodeo sport with a 2.2l, motor was noting but problems and $$$. I dumped that piece of crap and got a 94 rodeo with a 3.2l V6. If the amigo had the V6 in it it might be worth getting.

checking the trans fluid for color is a good idea, I could aslo check to see if any metal comes out with it.

It is a 3.2l v6, which was a strong selling point for me.

Any way I could roll it a few hundred feet and check the tranny shifting and 4wd that way? (I am bringing a truck so I could tow it down the road and do this while it is rolling)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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