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Advice and direction for 3.2 sohc

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Noob question. New to this forum but not to cars, engines and forums in general. Just picked up a new to me 97 3.2 trooper. Shows all the signs of a blown head gasket (white smoke, losing coolant, misfire). Will do a compression test and pressurize the cooling system when I pick it up Friday with the truck and trailer. Comes withe a junkyard 110k mile engine with a noisy valvetrail-presumably rockers and shafts. Broadly speaking the fork in the road will most likely be a head gasket (hope heads aren't cracked) in the car or a rocker arm job on the junkyard engine and swap them... Before the question is asked-- It's worth spending a bit of money on, I got it super cheap, rust free, manual, 4wd is good, rest of drivetrain is good, body and interior are very good. Which direction? All suggestions appreciated.
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Elvis , sorry to hear about your woes. Shawn Anthony on this forum will have parts for you , good guy. Good luck.
Check the crank sensor on the side of the block ? Installed and plugged in ?
Ok , there 3 pretty good size harness connectors, drivers side, near the airbox and evap canister. They power everything enginey . Unplug and plug back in. Fusible link at battery? At fuse box under the hood, verify continuity of all fuses. Do you have a multi meter? Set it to ohms and check for continuity across all fuses. Check the big ones too, I believe there is a 50 and 80 amp square fuse for each buss. Start at the fuses , divide and conquer . Or start the other direction and test at each component (takes much longer). Report back please
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