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Accellerator Pedal

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May not be a big issue, but thought that I'd ask. First, I drive a 95.5 3.2L Rodeo. Over the last week, the accellerator pedal sticks a bit when the car comes to a stop. Not a big issue, but some day I'll be in a parking lot, trying to manouver a tight spot, the pedal will stick, and I'll end-up ramming something. Is it a quick fix or a sign of a major problem??? I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.
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easy fix

at the end of the throttle cable there is a small dust cover (rubber)
when they start to get old they start to fall apart or kind of melt remove it and clean as mush of it off as oyu can this should take care of your problem good luck
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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