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a Toyota AE86 Safari

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I really love [most of] these "safari"'s fun to see what other people can do with cool vehicles and lots of $$$ (even though this AE86 is only an artist's rendering)
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Although the car looks cooI I am 100% certain it's more show than go..
The Toyota 4A-GT "Red Top" engine (Co-desiged by Yamaha) has a power band between 4000 RPM and 7600 RPM that is ideal for track use if you can keep the RPMs up high enough as this engine produces almost no power below the 4,000 RPM range. For off road use you want just about the exact opposite. In sand, snow, dirt, mud & ice the high RPM would make it very difficult to keep the rear end of the car behind the front. That along with the conventional front engine/RWD configuration would make this car a absolute terrible off road performing car. A old almost stock VW bug with 33' and cutting brakes would out perform this in car in any off road terrain with ease. If you really want to get into serious RWD car racing a Safari Porsche 911 is almost impossible to beat. This is all assuming that the car in question is not the ultra rare south American All-Track model of the Celica.
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