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That Bass is beautiful! Nicely done.

There are several guys on the forum who would be jealous of your talents.

As a fellow woodworker, my talents are more toward small boxes. Here is a pic of the last one I built when I was able to get in my shop again after partially recovering from this last stroke.

And just for fun, here is one of a chest I made for my #3 daughter before the stroke. She is using it as a toy box for my Grandson's playthings

I enjoy wood working as much as working on my baby girl... Actually while the tools are more expensive, and the materials can be fairly costly, Woodworking is a much cleaner hobby than working on the truck...

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those are beautiful johnnie59... you have a rare and dying gift...
I wish I had the time and a space to set up a wood shop. I could spend all day every day in it...


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