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Hi. So I'm getting ready to replace the t belt and water pump on my trooper and when ordering parts online notice there is a wide range of parts /kits available at many different price points. I'd like to get this right the 1st time and am looking at the following parts..
Gates TCKWP257A Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
Gates - TCKWP257 - Timing Belt Component Kit with Water Pump
I'm just wondering what the difference is and if anyone has used these specific part numbers on their troopers? Or maybe someone could recomend a kit theyve used with success that is near this price? Some go as high as $450 and I dont want to buy something that won't work or fit.
Any suggestions?
Thanks I'm sure this won't be my last post as I've not done this before..
Thank you all for your help.
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