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99' Rodeo idle

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It seems to never end! :cry: O.K. what should my 3.2 idle at upon start from cold? Mine presently goes to about 1600 RPM's then drop to about 1100 and then around 800 after about 40 seconds. Does this seem a bit high? If so how can I adjust the idle down?

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Hi Tim,

From my memory, that sounds about right. I will pay more attention to it the next time i drive my parent's rodeo, as it has the same engine. The one in my trooper is a generation older, so it is not a good comparison.

As far as adjusting it, i think you are out of luck. Both the idle and the timing are set by the computer. You would probably have to go to the dealer to get that adjusted/fixed. Even though it is OBDII, i don't think just any shop can do anything more than read the codes it puts out.

Hey Tim,
That sounds exactly right, in fact most vehicles from a cold start jump up that high. My 98 Rodeo goes up just past 2k rpm when i start then goes to 1k only to drop slightly lower as the engine warms.

Good Luck!
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