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'99 Rodeo - Back seats fold down?

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Hi there...forgive my ingorance, but I bought a '99 Rodeo earlier this year. It looks as though the back seats either fold down or can be removed. Is this possible? If so, anyone have instructions on how to do it? There's a pull knob on the end of the top-back of each seat. This allows the seats to lean forward...but not a lot. It's still hard to access the back this way if you really want to. I just think I'm missing something somewhere.

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Look at the rear seats where the seat belt clip goes into the slot in the seat. There should be a small strap there. Pull the strap up firmly and the bottom seat will pull up and over until it hits the back of your front seat. Make sure the seat back is locked in place or this will be a lot harder to do.

Take off the head rest from the rear seat and lower the rear seat to the floor and VIOLA!

I love the rear cargo space on these things! I fit a pinball machine wrapped for shipping in there with room to spare.
I had a bit of a time figuring it out also. Once you find it, it's a good system. The coolest part of the cargo in these trucks is the height. I can fit 2-3 thirty three gallon garbage cans in the back when I go to the landfill! :) With the seats down I can do all my recycling at the same time.
Thanks! I'll try it this afternoon. :D
So, I've searched a ton of forums and apparently I'm the only one with this problem.
I can get my rear seats to fold down perfectly (97 Rodeo), which I did to move all my junk back from college for the summer. The issue now is that I cannot lock my seat back into the upright position.
I can pull the little nubbins all i want but the lock mechanism that I stand staring at for hours only moves maybe half a centimeter and I have no idea what to do. I can't find a picture anywhere of what it should look like when it's unattached but i'm pretty sure mine is wrong. If anyone could help, that'd be awesome. My parents got it to work once by both attacking the locks with screwdrivers but of course they don't remember what they did. Thank you!

I assume you are having trouble with the seatback and the seats have been locked in place.

All I need to do is give the seatbacks a good shove to lock them back in the upright position. Do not pull the little knob on the top corner of the seats as you push them back as that will prevent them from locking in place.

Make sure that nothing is getting stuck in the fold directly behind the seatbacks as that might cause some trouble.
See, i'm not sure if a good shove will do anything, i don't touch the knobs or anything but every time i push it back it bounces right back at me. It's like the latch is stuck in an open position.
alright maybe i should have more faith haha.
i tried being angry and slamming the seat back a few times and the one side started to latch and i hit it a couple more times and they both latched.. thank you!
Please forgive the major bump, but my mother-outlaw had this Rodeo from 1999 until 2006 when I inherited it, and none of us knew the bottom portion of the rear seat folded forward - UNTIL NOW!!!!!! I just found it out reading this post - so I had to go out to the Rodeo and amaze myself with the new feature that had been pointed out to me!!!

I had always wondered why the seat back never rested flatly, and wondered why the seat bottom didn't tilt forward, when unbeknownst to me, it did!!! LOL

Yet another reason this forum is invaluable! It helps us idiots raise our seat bottoms! :)

Thanks again!!! Wonder what else I will find out about my little gem!!!
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