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74000 miles.

Black with charcoal interior. Comes with Jensen A/V controller CD player installed, but including stock working cassette and 6-disc changer.

Pretty much your average Trooper, except that it's got 2" Valley Spring Works springs in the rear, a t-bar crank to match, and 285/75 MT/Rs on the four on the ground, and an almost bald but still a great spare 285/75 Bridgestone Dueler A/T on the spare on the back door.

Have converted the rear door spare mounts to studs, which are MUCH easier, and won't break off.

Other than that, it's just your average Trooper.

Entertaining offers, but would like to see $6500.

I want to be clear about this!!! I am only selling it, as well as my ATV, to come up with a larger down payment for a house I'm trying to buy. I am trading down, much to my dismay, to an '84 Toyota pickup with a bazillion miles on it, so that I can still have a truck to use to move with.

Pics here:
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