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I have a 97 Isuzu Trooper 3.2 that I bought in Denver Colorado back in 2000. I drove it cross country a month later before moving to Germany. I drove over 6000 miles and averaged about 350 miles per tank (18 MPG). I have been in Germany for 3 1/2 years now and my fuel economy has been dropping off drastically to barely 250 miles per tank (13 MPG). I just rolled over 125,000 miles and did a complete tune up and all the routine service. I loaded up a tank of super plus gasoline and STP fuel injector cleaner...and still haven't seen any improvement in fuel economy. I have checked and ensured no leaks, and I saw some info on replacing the fuel regulator, however the service dept @ my Isuzu dealership (back in Denver) says that the regulator wouldn't be the problem...but couldn't offer me a solution.
Unfortunately the German counterpart to the Trooper dealership (Opel Monterey) can't help because their computer will only read Euro spec models...does anyone have any possible solutions or reccomendations for me?

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