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i got a set of OEM step bars in today, i also have running boards for the same years. Something with the frames, that they will only fit 96-97 RODEOS only. They are still in the box, unopened. The running boards were on my truck for a week, decided to go with tube bars instead, look meaner, less sophistocated grrrrrrrrr. ok the shipping is abit since its OS2 (oversized 2) to UPS standards, shouldnt be more then 50.00 from NJ to cali (worst case) If anyone is interested, please let me know. Asking 150 + shipping (400.00 new) isuzu part #2-90313-720-0 check it out. These are BLACK.

I will be posting it on Ebay if no one here is interested. I have alot of stuff coming in recently, 92-97 headlight (trooper), see my list on ebay also, im adding to it every day. user id- lowzoneatverizon
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