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n00b here, but not so much to modding...well just about anything. Coming at ya from central texas with a 95 pickup going pre-runner with it as time and money allow. Too many rear doors instead of tailgates here, figured I'd bring something a little different. Picked up the truck around april all stock save cassette deck and fm receiver booster. Oh and drop in bedliner that I dropped out immediately, 20 minutes with in having it, drop in rust makers hate'em.

Anyways had headache rack from a datsun I fabbed up to fit for now, and some off road lights laying around and the pre-runner style was decided upon. Also had a tool box that fit pretty well so that was tossed on too.

Didn't take too long before I was rear ended....door closes, window opens....wheels and tires were bought. Cost almost as much as the truck, but well worth it. Note the destroyed rear bumper that was stock perfect. I was gonna ditch it anyways, but to a fellow zu'er not the scrap heap shame :(

Plans 3inch body lift and wheel spacers are most immediate. Have a little bit of rub at full-lock...and against the rear wheel wells when in the rough stuff. Need more room for articulation and what-not. Body lift and spacers get it done quickest and cheapest. In the least 3 inch suspension lift with beefier torsion bars...preferably some sort of long travel set-up in the front, but options are so limited I dunno. Rear I should stay pretty decent with leaf springs, but maybe a link set-up. An actual roll bar instead of the headache rack at some-point 1 1/2 - 2 inch tubing...I hate mini trucks with 4 inch roll bars just dwarfs the truck and don't look right. Some external caging too, but nothing too severe wanna be able to go from the trails to DD and back and forth is I want. Don't want it to be a trail only rig. Engine swap at some point dunno to what, but diesel has my interests peeked the most right now. Oh already built and replaced the rear bumper, just gotta get pix. It's too low right now, but when I body lift it too will be coming up. Going to french it in to the rear end and Sit it up even higher then the body lifts 3 inches. Built it so it'll be easy to move up, just didn't want to be driving round with out the protection. Will grab pix of it shortly. But that's it for now.
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