hey all- figure i'd give you all a shot at them first as they are on eBay now, but let me know soon and i can pull the ad. clearing out NOS stock i have here cheaper than online and OEM parts, not some chinese aftermarket junk or over priced Torrington SKF stuff....anyone rebuilding a 94-02 Rodeo/Passport rear axle these would be handy to replace when regearing also..these are OEM stock parts.

8-97084-429-0 - Genuine Honda Bearing, Differential Cage
50.00 shipped per set of 2 (no shims included) ($82.+ 13. shipping, $117 list price)

8-97081-945-0 - Genuine Honda Oil Seal, RR. Axle
65.00 shipped ($99 + 13. shipping, $141. list price)

i have 1 set of outer bearings/seal/spacer and 3 sets of diff cage bearings. They are highlighted in the links above. Pics below of actual parts. the marks on the race is just old packing oil and wipes off. no pitting or rust. all shipped Priority Mail FREE

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