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I think EBGBZ has stated in the past that his rig is a 2.3L, 2WD!

That said, if your MSG5 trans need rebuilding and if you are not going to a 2.6L/MAU5 upgrade combo upgrade, then you might try shopping your local trans shops for estimates. Also shop local and online JY's for low mileage used MSG5. Not sure if a MAU5 trans will bolt up to a 2.3L engine. The MAU5 may require a hydraulic clutch conversion as well.

If you feel comfortable with rebuilding manual trans, eBay sometimes has rebuild kits for your unit. Also check with JLEMOND.

Hope this helps,

GB :)

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8) I do have a 2.3l,. 2wd. The intentt is to drive it on the street and NOT off road.
So... if I'm reading this correctly the 2.3L is matched with an MSG5 trans. and the
2.6L is matched with an MAU5 trans...YES? That being said, I will shop some trans shops for a rebuilt!
...usually they want a core from which they would rebuild! That being said aren't the hard parts of a trans.,
gears, shafts, etc. as NOS or just new hard to find?
Isn't the 2.6L a fuel injected motor as oppossed to a carbureted motor?
If that is the case I will need a complete motor/trans/ecu/harness et. al. to make the swap...YES?
Now, I don't know that I have a particular problem with that but finding all of the necessary components
required could be problematic!
Maybe would need a donor vehicle...probably that would need work on both the eng. and trans.
I do have a line on a rodeo with a 2.6 and a 5 speed. It is currenlty with a shop and the shop owner
said the car owner doesn't have the money to fix it. It has been sitting with windows down, etc. for months.
Perhaps I should be a bit more persisteant and try to get the
whole thing and sell what I don't need or can't use.
There seems to be need for the "stuff" that would be left over!
It would seem in this scenario that the donor stuff would/could need attention and potential rebuild too!
Perhaps in another post I could get feed back on the good, bad and ugly of making the 2.3L to 2.6L upgrade!
OK...that's enough for me today...I will await addditional inpout and thoughts. I do appreciate the knowledge base here :!:

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Forget rebuilding unless you can do it yourself- go with a used one.
The same MSG-5 tranny was used in all 2wd Isuzu vehicles with the 4ZD1 2.3L engine from 1986 through 1995. This was the tranny in all the base model pickups, the most popular model by far. Try salvage yards, craigslist & the like for a used one, I have found them for as little as $150, a tranny shop won't even open one up for that and new parts are extremely expensive and hard to find. Don't overlook one of the "2wd pickup, 5sp, needs engine-$400" type adds; rob the tranny, scrap the rest you've still got a reasonably cheap fix.
The MUA tranny will bolt to the 2.3L, use the 2.6 engine plate, modify the driveshaft connection, swap in all the hydraulic clutch components, or JLEMOND has a method to modify the MUA to cable clutch, don't know if it has been posted on the Planet but it has at
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