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91 Trooper

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Here's a pic of my 91 Trooper. No mods yet, but there coming.
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wildcat said:
a couple whacks from a BFH took care of that.
Heh, my favorite tool :lol:

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tire diameter is oft less of a hassle than tire width. The common 33" size is in 12.5 width and wider.

Interco makes a Bogger in 33x10.5-15 if your into the mud thing:

Then the Super Swampers are here:

Then they have a new 'narrow' swamper in the 34 (33.8") inch size:

Seems I read of a tire in the 33x10.5-15 size somewhere, can't remember now. That's really what I wanted to find was a good/cheap AT tire in that size but couldn't find anything made that way, and didn't want swampers on the DD.

--Ah, I found it. I thought it was a swamper in 33x10.5-15:

Tad had 33" swampers on his RS with NO LIFT and did just fine without any major scrubbing. Was pretty Cool. Definitely filled out the wheel wells.

Haven't been on the Interco site in a while - these have some serious potential:

but Lord I bet they are $$$$$$! :shock:

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1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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