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Thankfully - pulling the tranny on the five speed is relatively easy. You will need a tranny lift, some patience and a good supply of replacement bolts for the shaft joints (if they haven't been separated in a while) - but T-Case and Tranny should come out the bottom as one and in an afternoon.

Putting seals in the tranny and t-case may to be more involved as I believe you might have to crack the cases to set them. Depending, this can be a real bear as case bolts will likely be seized and there is usually a cluster of springs and ball bearings in the selector that want to grenade everywhere when you open it up.

If you can set seals without cracking the case - carry on. If not - check the local scrappers for a used tranny/t-case just in case there is one around. They run pretty cheap as most of the series 1 troopers rusted out long ago with many thousand miles left on the drive trains.

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