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Okay, the little maroon dear is getting towed tomorrow. Still got a few little thingies to pull if you want them. Gray interior

Darn good door panels, no rips or holes, just a little soiled, gray cloth
Above door grab handles X3, very clean, sort of off white color, coat hooks still there too
Rear wiper fluid bladder, no leaks
Spare tire cover, fair condition with some cracking but still works, so to speak
One decent headrest, passenger with no visible damage; other one is toast
In-door ashtrays for your smoking pleasure, with trim
Interior rearview mirror
Both exterior mirrors
Front turn signal assemblies, very good, no cracks
K&N air filter, I bought is used on ebay a while back so don't know the overall mileage
Rear seat side bolsters, or whatever you call them. They're the things that stick into the side of the rear seats (split ones only, I think) to fill the space between door and seat; pretty clean with no damage

Make reasonable offer on anything (shipped). But hurry, I don't want this stuff sitting after the LS is gone. If it's not spoken for then it goes with the truck on the hook.

PM me please.

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