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No, I'm not adding motors :) I purchased a 90 trooper to replace a smashed door, because I couldnt find a good quality door (read no rust) at local scrapyards... and I got a good deal on the 90 (which I relized later, has power windows). That said, my 88 has no power anything... so I'm going to have to do the wiring myself.

The harness for the 88 doesnt have the requisite wires for power windows, so I'm going to have to rip the existing harness out of the 90, and retrofit it to the 88. Has anyone ever done this, and if so, any tips? I've started looking at the harness in the 90 half a dozen times, and each time I just get frustrated with the amount of wires that I'd end up cutting to pull just the window parts out. It seems like it should be really simple... run a wire to the relay, and ensure that all the connectors are on the windows. Am I overthinking this?

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