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hey all,
got a nice 2.6L instrument cluster with tach for an upgrade on the 2.3L and 2.6L model motors. fits all 88-95 amigo, rodeos, pickups with the 4 cylinder motor. included is some pins with 6" leads, for the wiring harness to "add in" the oil pressure sending unit and tach (just slips into existing harness plug). also included is a good used 2.6L oil pressure sending unit (worth about 30.00 on ebay alone) so you can plug and play this system. remove a plug from the oil filter housing and screw in the sending unit, run a single wire to the cluster...BOOM instant oil pressure gauge :)....same with the tach, just grab off the negative side (99% sure) to the cluster. SOME trucks and amigos are pre wired for this, some are not. anyway, $100.00 shipped for the cluster 151,184 on the odo. Clean lense, good overall condition. will test AGAIN in my 91 spacecab prior to shipping...can supply video and pics. ive done this mod on several trucks including a 2.3L longbed, and several 2.6L pickups.
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