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I'm selling my 1986 Isuzu Trooper. It's got the C223T turbo diesel motor with 5 speed transmission. It's a 2 door, LS model with blue and gold paint and tan/brown interior. We've got 2 kids now, and I'm selling it for a 4 door Trooper.

The Trooper and I are located in Boise, ID.

The rig has 114k miles, and it's in very good, original condition. No body damage nor rust, and everything works great except for the cruise control. I replaced the timing belt, rebuilt the power steering pump, replaced the belts, hoses, and driver's side ball jonits; and changed the fluids. Brakes are fine.

The rig gets 25 to 27MPG. AC is still R12 and works great.

It's got a small oil leak, and it leaks a little from the upper seal on the power steering box. I've got the factory seal kit for the PS box. The block heater needs replacing if you reside in a cold weather state. I've got the part for that, too.

I'm looking to get $3k or very close to it. It's worth every penny.

Here's a picture of the rig.


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Hey there
If you're looking for a 4 door trooper to replace your 2 door. Check mine out....I've got a 1991 Trooper LS w/ the V6 in it. It's beautiful and in very good shape. I've performed a lot of upgrades to it and done all the regular preventative maintenance.

I used to detail corperate I'm extremely perticular about taking good care of my vehicles.

I'm being forced to sell my trooper in order to relieve myself of unwanted debit.

Email me and I can send all the specs & some photos if you would like.

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