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86 2 Door LS Log

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my first car was an 87 4 door that I drove for 2 weeks before giving up on since I was 16 and didn’t know anything. After getting tired of my cappuccino I decided I wanted to hunt down something that I can easily work on, fix, or adapt parts for it down the road as this is a vehicle I aim to own for A long time.
I was on the hunt for a round eye 2 door LS model. after about 6 months of searching I got a notification for one on eBay which I managed to win for less than I had budgeted for.
it took about a week to getpayment and shipping arranged but it finally arrived to me.
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1986 2 door LS, I’m the 3rd owner. It had 162877 miles on it when it rolled(/almost fell off) of the trailer. Was bought at Tallman Subaru and Isuzu Too! In California, where it stayed with the 1st owner until he put it in storage in 2005. Then in 2015 the man who owned Tallman Subaru got in contact with the owner and bought it back. He then drove it for 3 years until he had to park it in storage in 2018. In December 2020 he passed away and I was fortunate enough to be the one who bought it.
It’s in great condition, everything works except for the hvacair recirc door. His son tells me his dad loved the truck and put a lot of time and effort into getting it back into a running vehicle. I’d Say he did a good job considering he put almost 30k miles on it!

Current plans are to fiddle an tweek things here and there. Do some preventive maintenance. And just enjoy it for the most part.
I’ve already done a timing belt on it since I didn’t have any documentation showing it had been done. But judging the condition of the head and belt it was clear someone had already gone through it.
I‘ve also gone through and deleted the air pump since it has already had its cat swapped out for a modern one. Still passed California smog as recently as 2018!
every few weeks I attach the trim panels with a carpet cleaner to get 35 years of dirt out of them, they look better and better every time I hit Do it.
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Looks like a gem! Did you adjust the valves when you were in there? It's recommended every 15k miles. Also recommend retorqueing the head bolts (only tighten, don't loosen). 72ft/lbs, I'll attach the sequence.

Any pics of the cappuccino? Love those little things
I did not, ill dive back in and adjust them sometime soon.
The cappuccino is being bought by the person who owned the Alto
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These are things I’ve already done but putting in here to keep track of.
I had some sound deadening meant for another vehicle that I ended up selling so I figured I’d go to town on the trooper with it. I discovered some small bondo snakes in the front right door meaning it has had some damage repaired, but didn’t appear to be anything major.
I lined the floor, the quarter panels, and the front doors.
Made a huge difference!
Figuring out how to remove the mounts for the armrests was a fun time. The factory service manual just says to reach in there and take them out lmao.
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I also snagged a set of NOS IPFs that I put on the front.
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HAvent wired them up yet as I’m working on making a mount for the switch that will use the Blank to the left of the steering wheel that will allow me to use a repurposed factory switch to keep a mostly OEM look. Ill have to trim some metal behind where this blank usually is but ill never have a manual choke or a rear seat heater knobs to put there So it wont hurt too much.
I’m not willing to get rid of my 4x4 of the year sticker :p
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And of course no trooper is complete without a JL sticker
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Junkyard gem find.
Drove 100 miles to a junkyard that had an 86 listed with no pictures.Looks like I was the first one too it.
sadly most of the parts on it were trashed, but somehow the stuff I was searching for was mostly intact. I grabbed the grill assembly, center console clock and its surround, defrost switch and its trim bezel. And a few other misc parts.
Was well worth the drive, I also scored a digital cluster from an NX1600, which sold for enough to cover the gas And parts of the trip.
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That's my kind of scrounging. If available, the distributor, intake, and possibly carb would have been good "resale items". Dennis
Ill keep an eye out for those next time I hit up a yard
are you keeping the grille or selling?
keeping. Ill keep an eye out next time I hit up a trooper for parts to save for other people but pretty much everything on this truck was junk anyway.
Also forgot. EGR tubes from ITEC engines. A HOT commodity, and people are always looking for them. Dennis
where are these? I’m not familiar with EGR stuff in general. Ill grab some next time I see a EFI truck
Haven’t done anything recently on the truck, been too busy with work. I did go through and organize all the paperwork by dates. Here is how the truck looked when it was pulled out of storage in 2015 after being in there since 2007.
I always enjoy seeing how much a car ended up costing brand new so I’ve also attached its window sticker and bill of sale. Those dealer fees really creep that price up
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Double post, ill edit something in here later
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Fresh meat lads. Been on the lot since yesterday.
I’ll be going down Saturday morning.
anyone need anything reasonably sized? Like headlight sized or smaller?
Gonna say the interior is probably not good since it has a biohazard sticker lol.
im not going to look for anything specific. I usually just dig through junkyard cars to see if there is anything that catches my eye.
But im willing to pull and ship some smaller items. Prices would jsut be the cost of the part plus tax, shipping, and a few bucks for my effort.
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hell yeah. Wish it was tan but for $11 I’m not gonna complain.
I grabbed everything I wanted and ran out of time to grab any resell parts other than headlights.
I got a full set of floor mats, the cargo cover, decent tail lights, The back seat arm rests, the seat height adjuster, and a few misc items I can’t recall atm.
I’ve attached pictures of the condition of the truck and the parts I left. It’s located at the Dallas south pick and pull on 2nd ave.


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Do you live nearby then?
to that blue one? Yeah its about 30 minutes away in a DFW yard.
installed my weber finally, it fixed my misfire and woke the truck up so it doesnt feel like such a slog to drive.
I have a receipt for the OEM carb being tuned from a few years back, but I think it was tuned for high elevation which caused it to just dump fuel down here in texas.
it chugged and got about 10mpg. Hopefully this improves the gas mileage some.
Still needs some buttoning up but I'm extremely happy with the unit.
Install was pretty straight forward other than those infamous two nuts under the carb. those were fun. They were defeated by a 3 inch long wrench that we wiggled in there.

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it's still there, I went back out yesterday and got the back door hinges and a few misc dash pieces. not much left other than drive train and seats at this point. Someone else took the rad. dome lights, drivers door+hinges and the power steering pump.
Higher elevation would mean thinner air and SMALLER. sized jets. This would make it run leaner at lower altitudes. I had flooding problems with my OEM 1987 carb and went to a Weber. MUCH better performance from the Weber. I also made special 12MM wrench for those inside carb nuts. I bent each end to about 45 degrees. Dennis
I originally was gonna bend a wrench but my coworker had a tiny wrench that was able to get in there and get that puppy off.
It’s a definite improvement for sure. Mine had a misfire, would idle all over the place, and stumbled on accelerating. Weber fixed them all
Alright, finally found some time to start on sound deadening the front.
Things were going smoothly until i pulled up the rubber on the drivers floor pan.
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Lookin a little crusty, time to break out the chisel and make loud noises for a few hours since i only have hand tools.
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Sanded off what I could and then covered the rest in some rust stabilizer. its currently curing.
in the mean time I did the rest of the front. The transmission tunnel is heat wrapped and I’m currently waiting to hear back from Jerry on a new inner shift boot, as well as some clips to hold the carpet up in the front.

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And finally I added a new sticker. If youre ever in broken bow this pizza place is well worth the stoop.
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replaced one of my vent window seals.
anyone run into something like this or know why the window would be crooked like this? possibly the hinge bracket got bent?
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finally got the cargo cover installed
If anyone has a tan one and wants to trade let me know.
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I installed a sport track center console. It looks almost factory and functions nicely. Rear seat folding function is not affected. I wish the arm rest was a little higher but I’m still happy with it. Ill probably make a bracket to raise it a few inches later.
for mounting it I enlarged the rear most holes on the OEM center console bracket and ran some bolts through them.
And that’s pretty much 90% of the install. I added some spacers on the back of the arm rest base. The final bit is I need to make a bracket to go under the front to fully stabilize the whole thing but it is pretty stable with just the two bolts. Shifter is in 4th in the picture.

Parts specifically used:
2002 explorer sport track center console and bag,
Arm rest is from an early 90s explorer
The center consoles are pretty much the same for all the 90s explorers and bucket seat rangers, they differ in colors and cup holder designs(but these are mostly interchangeable). there was an optional "long" center console that attaches to the dash on higher trim explorers, this one will not work in the trooper.
The arm rests are also all interchangeable, but you’ll want an early 90s one as they are full tang steel instead of the later plastic base ones. The plastic base ones break with normal use.
If you find a junkyard with multiple years of explorers then you can just make a Frankenstein one in the yard like I did. I got the armrest, the console and the cupholder from three different trucks.
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Very cool - I was able to get my hands on a NOS after market sliding arm rest and cup holder deal that mounts to the top of the stock console, but what you did here is awesome (and probably a lot cheaper and easier to find!)
A lot of luck was involved but i basically found a junkyard with as many 90s-early 00s explorers as I could then walked around the yard taking pieces from several different trucks to make one console. I had to give up and buy the armrest off of ebay since there was no tan ones in the yard.
you have any pictures of your setup?
Oh thats a much more usable height for the arm rest than mine, nice find!
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