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Ok, here's the story. On my wife's 97 Rodeo the 4WD light has been lit for the past 6 months. I put it on jack stands and checked everything out and it was operating properly -- the light was just staying on constantly, but 4WD engaged and disengaged.

It snowed tonight and I was shifting in and out of 4H as the conditions required. I shifted to 2H on a less snowy road and a loud THUNK noise and feeling like I hit a pothole and the light was OFF!!!

Later I shifted back into 4H while driving at about 30mph and the 4WD light starts flashing -- it seems to flash faster as I go faster and slows down when I slow down. I couldn't get it to stay constantly lit until I stopped.

I put it in 4L and drove a few feet and everything worked perfectly. I put it in 4H and the light stayed on. Then I shifted back to 2H and the light was still on UNTIL -- THUNK!! Noise and thump again (felt like it was coming anywhere from the rear diff. all the way to the front passenger side wheel -- couldn't get a good feel of it) and the LIGHT GOES OFF!!!

No mention in the manual about flashing 4WD light -- never had it happen before -- and the thunk thump thing is disturbing me! Does anybody have the slightest clue what's up with this thing? I can't live with thunks and bumps and inoperative lights! :evil:

Thanks in advance!!!

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