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So I finally got my '96 trooper back yesterday, with the used trans and used motor installed. It ran on the way home, but had a really bad miss. When went to crank it this morning, it wouldn't run at all. Also noticed that the gear inidicator(auto trans) on the dash is not reading right. If you have it in park, or neutral, it shows reverse. Any other gear and it shows third. Only about half the idiot lights are turning on as well, when they should all show. However, if i plug my code reader in, the indicator reads correctly, and all the idiot lights show up. Truck will then crank, but it runs very poorly. As soon as i pull the code reader, it shuts down. Have I somehow managed to kill my ECU? I was getting trouble codes for iginition on cylinders 3&4. I swapped both out with some spare coil-overs. Then just 4 was giving an error code. Now, 2, 3, and 4 are all throwing codes. I really hate to have it towed to the shop again, as it might or might not be covered under the motor warranty, and they have already broken my heater core. I hate to think what they might screw up when they go to poking at electronics.

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