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2nd gen trooper rear bump stop

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the bump stops on my trooper are in pretty bad shape, has anyone replaced them with something else besides stock? or should i just remove them and forget about it?
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I wouldn't remove them,if you do the axle can hit frame....beside hurting your back and kidneys it wouldn't be good for axle tubes.

once springs after 20 years get soft the truck sits on the bumpstops most of the time eventually ribbing them and then tearing them off the frame.
There are two styles solid and with holes in them.....solid ride ruffer so isuzu put holes in them so they wouldn't hit so hard
The rear bumpstops were missing when I bought my Trooper, so I ran without them for a while. But the tires were eating the fenders off-road, so I got some OEM bumpstops from Jerry Lemond, helped a lot with that.
I can pull the bump stops off of the 1999 Amigo. If you can measure the distance center to center on the bolt holes, I can see if the will fit. $10 a piece plus $5 for shipping.
You could run energy suspension ones:

You just need to make a plate like this so they bolt up:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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