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2023 Spring Uwharrie trip April 20-23

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Howdy Zu freaks! We had a fun time on the fall trip and we are already looking forward to the next trip. Sticking to the format that the majority seem to like, we have already booked Group Site "C" at Badin Lake Group Camp for Thursday April 20 - Sunday April 23. Mr Dunge stepped up and paid for the site this time, so make sure to thank him for fronting the funds. None of us are wealthy so it is greatly appreciated.

Current list of those planning to attend and camp at group camp:

TonkaToy (Mike) & crew
Mr Dunge (Blaine) & the bride of Dunge
Nate's Truck (Nate) and Wanda
Pretzel (Alex) and Melissa & Becca

Stay tuned for updates!!
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I'm not missing this one.....unless Hurricanes start showing up in April. See you all there
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Ok so I did the math......if 10 people show up to camp it'll be 20 a person. It was 233 bucks to rent the site. You can probably est 10 a person for the group dinner we do either Fri or Sat night. If you wanna paypal me use my email. [email protected]. You can also bring cash the day of. I will keep a running list. @NCEvets it would be great if you showed up!
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Received. Thanks John!
How else are the slow ones who dont wanna keep up supposed to know where to go if there isnt a clue to follow???
Us west coast/central guys should do a Moab trip. I would love to come out east but can’t spare that much time.
Get w @lorenzo816 . He did a MOAB trip w some isuzu guys this year. Hes from the east coast but went out to hang w them. He may be able to get you their info
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I just want to say goodbye to everyone. I won’t be attending any more events. I wish everyone the best. Goodbye.
Thats not cool, if you ever change your mind you are more than welcome to show up anytime
Hey Roxy... hope everything works out for ya and you know you're more than welcome to stop by anytime down the road.:cool:

Well, Jerry and I have sites #34 and #35 reserved for April 18-23 @ Arrowhead so if anyone's going to be there a little earlier in the week, stop on by.:)

Rumor has it that Billy and Leland are going to be there this year also and that Billy will be smoking some tires with his new setup.😈

Chris.... I don't see that Rodeo for sale anymore... hope you got it.:D

I'll have some stuff up for sale as usual... should we start another thread?

3 months and counting down....:cool:
I plan on being there smoking tires w him lol.
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So, it is time to start planning important details... What do we want to eat for the group dinner?? :D

Do we want to go big and have steaks, baked potatoes, and a big salad? Do we want jambalaya and cornbread? Or I can smoke some chickens and we can have some country green beans with potato's and grilled sweet corn.

I'm open to suggestions. What sounds good?
smoked chickens mmmmmmmmmm
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Just over a month away!!

I got the replacement fuel tank installed in my Trooper this past weekend. Glad to not be driving a Molife cocktail any more. :ROFLMAO: My new speakers were delivered today, and hopefully will be installed in the coming weeks. Lastly, my new bumper is coming together nicely. It should be finished in time and we will go for trial by fire on the trails!!

I'm getting more and more excited. I will be bringing my full setup including the smoker. In a few weeks we will get a firm head count for dinner so I know how much to buy. Smoked Chicken won with the most votes. If you plan (or want to) camp with us at the group camp make sure you speak up so we save you a spot. Also you will need to get with Nate about payment for the campsite.

Thanks and lets go play!!!
No I paid this time you need to get w meeeeeeee lol.
I am hoping to be operational by the end of March and am still planning to be there at the group site. I'll bring cash. What's the total due?
Bring 20 for the site and then like another 20 for the food if your son is coming, 10 if solo
Ok here is the list of people coming so far. GC is group camp and AH is arrowhead ? Means I dont know where you are staying

Me, wife, 2 kids GC
Tonka Toy, Smitty , Kylie, Trisha GC
Peter, wife, herd of dogs GC
Jim (Peter, Jp brother) GC
Trev and son GC
Nate and wife GC
John Johnson GC
Tony GC
Pretzel, Melissa, Rebecca GC
Lorenzo GC
Paul Evans ?
Superswire GC
Andrew GC
Brayden ?
@NCEvets ?
@wPine ?
Lowzone and wife GC
Van AH
Jerry AH

If I forgot anyone please sound off. Also the group camp is about full and I dont know what arrowhead or the other sites to look like as far as availability.
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I'm on the maybe-not list or maybe I'll just drive over to visit list.
Truck is still under the knife. Brakes not done yet and driveshaft is getting made most likely next week or two. Then still need to break in gears and work out any braking gremlins.

Sorry fellers
I win
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Well. Bad news. Picked it up from exhaust shop and it was running good. Boost wasn't as high but I figured more backpressure causing a drop in boost.

Drove to Tonka toys ran good. 60 miles. On the way home things changed. Lost power started running warm. Not hot.

Kept driving, numbers still looking good. About 5 miles from the house temp spiked and it was lethargic.

Got home. No coolant at all, this was after I checked and topped it off at Tonka toys. Was looking around to see what caused it and saw egr pipe going into intake side was all the way unscrewed. Exhaust shop must-have forgot to reconnect bc the admitted when I called they messed w it when they did exhaust.

Thinking I blew the head gasket bc to much boost bc I cranked it up after exhaust shop. But won't read correctly on gauge bc erg pipe not screwed in. However no coolant in the oil.

Gonna compression rest maybe tomorrow idk. No uwharrie for me now. Not enough time. I'll update once I have a answer
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Oh no! This is a revolting development.

An aside: I was planning to bring cash to reimburse you for my share the group camp rental fee. How should I handle that?

Just give to Mike aka Tonka Toy. He will get it to me. I am disappointed for sure however I would have rather it happen close to home than 4 hrs away.
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