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2023 Spring Uwharrie trip April 20-23

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Howdy Zu freaks! We had a fun time on the fall trip and we are already looking forward to the next trip. Sticking to the format that the majority seem to like, we have already booked Group Site "C" at Badin Lake Group Camp for Thursday April 20 - Sunday April 23. Mr Dunge stepped up and paid for the site this time, so make sure to thank him for fronting the funds. None of us are wealthy so it is greatly appreciated.

Current list of those planning to attend and camp at group camp:

TonkaToy (Mike) & crew
Mr Dunge (Blaine) & the bride of Dunge
Nate's Truck (Nate) and Wanda
Pretzel (Alex) and Melissa & Becca

Stay tuned for updates!!
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The gas station near my house in Colorado started a price war 6 months ago, so I've been paying a full dollar under the national market for gas ever since. That entire intersection is down to $2.29 as of today I think. Anyway, make sure you stop there on your way to Moab! It's only 30 min north of I-70. ;)
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My Moab crew is doing Moab April 20-25. Not sure if I'm going yet though.
Wait isn't there a Moab thread?
We should, I'm not sure if I'll even make it this year, but I'm sure there are other members that might be able to.
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