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Greetings Planet Isuzu. I've been here just a few times since it's founding; I actually have the blue plastic Planet Isuzoo Membership Card (#11045)

I finally let the Amigo in my footer go; it was going to cost me more to pay insurance on it during a long deployment than it was worth. I now have a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo. My brake light burnt out, I can't figure out how to get the assembly off. I've changed clutches, turned brakes, even put together a rear differential once. I can't do this.

I used to follow the 4x4Wire board, and that's where I went first for help. Time's changed, and I see this is where the active discussions are. Forgive me for repeating my problem here. I searched this board on replacing the tail light and found some answers for other vehicles, but not mine. I found one that was close, but the answer went to a dead link.
2000 Rodeo How do I change tail light

I found this that actually had my "final solution" -- bend the plastic assembly out enough so that you can get to the bulb assembly if you know someone with small hands. (Ignore the link on the top that goes to a dead Geocities page; instead Ctrl-F on the word "tailight" as a single word with just one "L"). But that's not a good answer.

Some internet posts I found (for 90's models) refer to 3 screws; 2 on the side, one on the bottom. I removed the two side screws, and at the the rear-top, there's a white plastic shaft that was stuck throw a rubber holding grommet in the vehicle body. When I flex the tail light assembly out, I can see the lower connection and it looks like a gray shaft (screw color) instead of a plastic insert coming out of the light assembly and going into the body. But there's no way I found to unscrew the bottom connection.

I went to the dealer on Saturday, and talked to their #2 Isuzu mechanic. He'd only been there 6 years and never saw a tail light removed in all that time. He was likewise baffled that the shaft / tab wasn't popping out of the body. From inside the Rodeo, we removed the jack, looked inside, and were unable to figure out why it wouldn't let go. You could feel a plastic receiver, but not well enough to know if there was a screw or a tab inside it.

The mechanic was pretty certain it was not a lower screw, but instead a tab and said they had a tool to try and pop it out; it's long and has a "V" shape on the end to get around tabs and give a little leverage. He wasn't so certain that he would just yank on the tail light assembly.

But he decided not to get that tool. Instead, he was about 5'4" with small hands. He reached into the gap and was able to unscrew the bulb assembly and pull it out of the lens. So I got the bulb replaced, but in the future I would like to know how without having to borrow a neighbor's child.

Please see the below pictures. Any help on how to remove the tail light assembly so I can change the bulb is appreciated.
Tail Light pic 1 --- Tail Light pic 2
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