Hi all, I’ve got the ever elusive 2004 Rodeo with the 3.5 direct injection engine. RWD & strong Aisin automatic. ~168k. More pics upon request.

Truck has been great for me, and with the help of this forum I have managed to keep it in quite good shape over the years. It’s had most of its major maintenance items taken care of, including the timing belt, water pump, tensioner‘s, etc. Also most of the suspension & braking items have been replaced recently. Oil replaced religiously with high quality synthetic. Decent tires.

Interior is in pretty good shape, I keep a clean ship. Exterior & engine compartment is a bit dusty, as I live on a gravel. However, there’s no body rust as far as I can tell. The biggest issues are a dent on the rear passenger quarter panel, and the center armrest is cracked. Both from previous owner. Also has the intermittent ABS light that’s very common with these vehicles. I believe there’s a forum post on the site on how to repair the module.

It’s a phenomenal truck, I just need something a little bit bigger at this point. I figured I would offer it here first before I go to craigslist and sell it to some idiot that doesn’t know what he’s doing with it. 4500 obo