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2004 Rodeo 3.5 L DI

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A co-worker gave me his 2004 Rodeo with the 75k miles… pretty clean. He had the shop replace the timing belt as PM but something went wrong. The tech thinks it’s the oil pump but he says he does not have time to work on it. It runs but rattles like if it has no oil, doesn’t seem like it’s out of time but then again have no clue right now. I trailered it home today. It may be toast but have zero experience with Isuzu…..coming from Toyota space. I want to trouble shoot it but can’t find a repair manual or FSM. Anyone know where I can find one?



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that image got flagged as porn for me.

It has to be taken apart again - and tech these days are 'JR' - so my guess is he did it wrong started it up and heard 'bad sounds' then re-did it, didn't fix it completely so now he's just going to avoid talking about it.
with some luck re-do the job and hope it works again.
The image issue is fixed.
A compression test after confirming timing is correct, would tell you if you have valve issues.
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Nope, not an oil pump issue
Align the crank with it’s mark. If the cam marks do not align, do a full revolution of the crank and check again. If marks do not align, the timing is off. In your case it can’t be off by much because you have compression and it runs.
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Is the bank that is off, the same side that had lower compression?
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