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2004 Rodeo 3.5 L DI

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A co-worker gave me his 2004 Rodeo with the 75k miles… pretty clean. He had the shop replace the timing belt as PM but something went wrong. The tech thinks it’s the oil pump but he says he does not have time to work on it. It runs but rattles like if it has no oil, doesn’t seem like it’s out of time but then again have no clue right now. I trailered it home today. It may be toast but have zero experience with Isuzu…..coming from Toyota space. I want to trouble shoot it but can’t find a repair manual or FSM. Anyone know where I can find one?



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I always just upload to YouTube and then link on here.
Yeah, I'd be all over that shop to get it fixed. I understand that you have no money into this. Linking that video to social media sites with their shop name all over it is also free though.
Illuminated ABS light is pretty standard for Isuzu stuff. Correct that it has nothing to do with the noise.
Now you can throw a brick through the window of that repair shop since we know the guy didn't do what you paid him to do.
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1 - 4 of 76 Posts