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I purchased (2) OEM fog lights for my 2003 Rodeo but am told that I'm missing the mounting brackets needed to complete the installation. Here is a picture of what I purchased and what the light looks like in hand:

Automotive lighting Automotive fog light Auto part Headlamp Automotive design

There is clearly a bracket there, but I'm told there is another bracket that mounts it to the bumper?

I looked at and this is all I could find:

Product Organism Font Rectangle Parallel

Are parts #12 and #13 the missing bracket pieces? I hate to spend $150 just to get the same light casing I already have. They look identical.

Any advice offered would be appreciated. I've also already created a post in the classified section to purchase these if anyone has them available, along with an OEM fog light switch. Let me know what you all think, thanks!
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