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2002 Rodeo Rear Window Regulator

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Hello everyone new Isuzu Rodeo owner here and I have a 2002 Rodeo 2wd v6. I am trying to replace the rear driver side window regulator myself.

The first picture is the original regulator motor connector, the second is the original up/down button connector that plugs in the motor, the third picture is the Dorman brand replacement regulator I purchased at AutoZone today. It was supposed to fit my rodeo.

It seems the connector is the wrong one, ya? Everything else fits the bolt pattern is correct. Should I buy the original/used part on eBay? I see some that are the same one I had removed, same connectors etc for around $50-60. This Dorman one was $95~. I'll probably return it.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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If the ones that were Denso were $50-60 then I'd do that but otherwise I'd just cut the connectors off both and splice the wires together. It should work fine.
I would be tempted to rewire the plug and use the Dorman. Buying a used one on eBay, you may end up with a unit that is as worn out and ready to break as the one you are replacing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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