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2001 Trooper TOD / Transmission Question (Basic)

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Not having the Owners Manual makes for a struggle... (and silly questions)

When driving under normal conditions, should the TOD transfer case be in H? (there doesn't seem to be N on 4x4 lever). The front driveshaft is always spinning, but it doesn't actually engage torque unless the selection is made on the dash switch?

New to Troopers (1995 Green & 2001 White)

Thanks y'all!

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Torque On Demand (TOD) is a part time 4WD system that provides a variable front wheel to rear wheel torque split when 4WD is selected and the transfer case range selector is in High. When the transfer case is in High range the input to output ratio is 1:1. If the transfer case range selector is in Low range with 4WD selected the torque split is always 50/50 and the input to output ratio is 2.480 : 1.

If 2WD is selected, the transfer case ratio is 1:1 and the front propeller shaft does not drive the front axle. In 2WD mode the left front CV drive axle is disconnected from the differential stub axle. In 4WD mode (TOD or 4WD Low range) the CV axle is connected to the differential allowing the front propeller shaft to drive the front wheels.
Is there a 2WD selector or is it the absence of engaging the 4WD button?

Sorry to be so ignorant.

Thanks for the info so far!

If 4WD is not selected then by default the system is operating in 2WD.
TOD is 4WD High range only, 4WD Low range is not TOD.
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