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I need a Wiring diagram of the 8 pin factory plug. This is a used vehicle and the factory trailer plug is gone. Is the SUV equiped with electric trailer brake controller? I want to put a standard 7 pin RV plug on it.

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Hi Charles,
I just installed the Isuzu Rodeo Sport trailer
hitch using official Isuzu parts. The wiring
diagram was a bit hard to read, but I finished
the total job in about four hours.
Two holdups:
1. The fit & finish isn't Rolex.... some slight
'convincing' was required.
2. Isuzu did not put pre-drilled holes on the hitch
(for the plug receptacle) like the instructions said there was....yay.
The 2002 Rodeo Sport has only a 4-wire setup.
The factory wire plug was behind a rear quarter panel.
Just snake the hitch wire up through a popout grommet
hole. The kit comes with a new wire grommet...may I suggest
a bit of Sil-Glide spark plug grease to ease the new grommet in.
Hope this helps,
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