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2000 Trooper transmission drain plug leak

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My 2000 Trooper is leaking at the fill plug and I’m trying to find the ordering information for the redesigned replacement plug with integrated gasket and allen head. It was discussed briefly on here in the past but I can’t seem to find a part number for it. I already tried replacing with a new copper crush washer already but it’s still leaking a little bit. If anyone can help me out I’d appreciate it
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Try this part number
GM Genuine Parts 96041864 Multi-Purpose Drain Plug
I don't know the size but it's for GM replacement.
I just ordered one from amazon for myself. I'll see if it fits.
I've been using the Dorman 65274 washer with the rubber insert. I have not had good luck with the copper crush washers.
Awesome, thank you very much for your response. Please follow up if that plug works for you. Also with that, do you use a washer with it or do you use only the plug?
The washer /gasket is built in. So just the bolt. Isuzu stock number was 8-96041-810-0. It is showing discontinued.
Thanks for your reply, I’ll be happy to not have to keep adding trans fluid to this rig every few weeks!
I received my new transmission drain/fill plug yesterday. When I got home from work today I put my trooper on blocks to get it level in my driveway. I checked my tranny fluid level and it was about 6 oz. low. I used the new plug to seal the fill hole and it fits and seals. I will have to order another one to replace the drain plug when I do a drain and fill in a couple months.
The Isuzu is not listed as a vehicle fit, but it does list the 1998-2001 Cadillac Catera that also got the wonderful 4l30e transmission.
It comes with the o-ring/gasket, no washer is needed.



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