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2000 trooper 4l30e Solenoid(s) general question

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Unfortunately my transmission produced p0756.
It has all of the tell tale signs of shift solenoid B not functioning properly
Starts in 4th when “D1” is selected.
L1 - 3 all functional
Winter mode functions
Power mode functions
Fluid level is fine.

I am purchasing 4L30E Transmission "A" 1-2 & 3-4 "B" 2-3 Shift Solenoid Set 1990-On (99134)* | eBay

The only concern is I have is they look exactly the same. One is normally open state and one is normally closed state. So that’s clearly important. Some bmw YouTuber claims they are exactly the same.

There is a “metal tab” on the solenoid that keeps you from installing in wrong position but I first hand can not tell which goes to which. Is there a more detailed set of instructions/ videos that show the proper installation method. Trans fluid is not cheap and I am not doing this twice (hopefully). Thanks
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There are little tabs on each of the 2 solenoids, if you don't force them ( like using a hammer) they will only go in the correct place. It's been a couple years since I installed mine, and I don't remember any confusion.
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