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2.8 headers

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Ok I see that Edelbrock makes a set of headers for the 2.8 v6 to fit inside the s-10 and blazer. Anyone know if they'll fit in a trooper???
Also anyone put a cam inside the 2.8? How did the ECM react? And finally how does the 4.3 TBI set up work on the 2.8? Is it worth it? Could you then change the 2.8 ECM to the 3.1 ECM with the 4.3 TBI???
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The Edelbrock TES headers have unequally tuned runners for the left and right banks, they were designed to work with the carb'd Edelbrock Performer manifold.

Not sure how a TBI motor would react to use of the headers only. They are not a bolt-on fit in a Trooper, anyway. Jim Paget had a set of these headers cut-up and rewelded to fit his Troop. But these were strictly a one-off deal.

Calmini has a prototype set made up, but could not garner enough interest to make it worth their while to make a production run.

The HT 3.4 Goodwrench motor cam would probably make a good torquer cam for a 2.8. It certainly will fit. I put a set of Comp Cams 1.6:1 roller rockers on my old 2.8 and they jazzed up the midrange and top end quite a bit, lots easier than a cam change. If your valve cover gaskets are leaky, it's a good excuse to pull them, install the rockers and change out gaskets.

The 4.3 TBI or Holley Big-Bore works fine on a 2.8, but for best effect you need a larger exhaust and free-breathing intake system to go along with.

For my money, I'd first do the exhaust mods (2-1/4" including cat, 2-1/2" if you're going to swap in a 3.4 in the future); then the roller rockers; last the TBI.

You won't need to make any mods to the 2.8 ECM as it adjusts just fine. In fact, the 2.8 ECM works fine on a 3.4, too, as long as you're running a larger-bore TBI or 4.3 injectors in the 2.8 TBI.

There's a ton of performance tips at this site:

Also check out this Power Tips article at the Outdoor Wire:

Another Outdoor Wire link you may be interested in: ... Post123022

Holley Big-Bore:

Anyhow, that should keep you busy for a while!!!!!!! :wink:
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